I assume you have landed on this page because something in your life – maybe something big, maybe something small – is not working the way you want. It could be a relationship (with your partner, your children, your body), your career, or your overall sense of well-being. Something feels amiss. I would love to help you navigate through that “something” and create the life experience that you truly desire.


Are you tired of hiding under baggy clothes?
Maybe you avoid eating with friends and family because of their comments or worried looks?
Or are you struggling with secretive eating, binge eating or bingeing and purging?
Battling an eating disorder is difficult…

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Sometimes it might be hard to know where you’re going and if you’re heading in the “right” direction…especially if you are feeling stuck in the middle of your own experience. It’s that old “can’t see the forest through the trees” type thing. Having an objective third party to help…

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Feel like you’re trudging through mud… or conversely, that you’re so amped up that you can’t stop worrying?
Depression and anxiety are oftentimes flip sides of the same coin – both uncomfortable and both TOTALLY treatable…

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“Launching” “Adulting”
“Leaving the nest”
“Differentiating” or just
“Getting the Hell out!”
I”m sure you’ve heard it called a bunch of different things but it all boils down the…

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“Self Confidence” and “Self Esteem” are words that seem to get tossed around a lot…but what do they really mean?
My perspective is that when we know ourselves, I mean REALLY know and…

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I’ve navigated the shark-filled waters of the competitive corporate world and know how frustrating and overwhelming trying to “get ahead” can be. Fraught with disappointment, anger and politics, struggling in one’s career can leave you feeling hopeless and in despair…

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Recent Thoughts

"Choose discomfort over regret." - Brene Brown

Dana McDowell

My passion is holistic healing with a commitment to helping my clients reach optimal wellness naturally. I specialize in Nutritional Psychology and use Targeted Amino Acid Therapy (TAAT) to help stabilize brain-chemistry and hormonal imbalances that contribute to – or cause – mood disorders. I utilize Contemplative Psychotherapy and dietary evaluation in conjunction with laboratory testing. Together, these techniques help discover physiological and biochemical imbalances that can contribute to psychological issues.

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