Since 2008, I have integrated the Hakomi Method into my work. Clients consistently report experiencing more profound insights and transformation in a shorter period of time.

“A powerful and effective, yet gentle approach to psychotherapy, Hakomi integrates the mindfulness and non-violence found in Taoist and Buddhist traditions with a unique Western methodology. The core of the Training emphasizes the innovative techniques and principles developed by Ron Kurtz and the Hakomi faculty, and the self-development and evolution of the therapist.”

“The Hakomi Method is a body-centered, somatic psychotherapy. The body is viewed as a door that can be opened to reveal the entire character and belief system of the individual. The body’s structures and habitual patterns serve as powerful “indicators” – subtle access routes to unconscious and evocative core material.”

“Loving presence and the healing relationship are central to Hakomi. We learn to develop an exquisite sensitivity and attunement to others – both their conscious and unconscious material – and to convey this depth of recognition. This creates a deep sense of safety and connection, and engages the “cooperation of the unconscious.” Current neuroscience is also revealing the basis for the effectiveness of mindfulness, loving presence, empathy, and other aspects of Hakomi Therapy.”

“The dynamic of mindfulness is another aspect of this foundation. When unique hakomi techniques are integrated with mindfulness, it allows us to rapidly and safely access the unconscious beliefs and early experiences while shape our lives, relationships and self-concepts. When unconscious, this hidden material creates projections, conflict and disharmony in our interactions and inner world. Once conscious and directly experienced, these patterns are available for transformation and reintegration. Powerful emotions, memories and trauma may surface at times turn the process, and these are handled safely and effectively.”

From the Hakomi Institute’s training materials and website (© The Hakomi Institute)

“Hakomi presents some astounding methods for getting to core material. It is well grounded in theory and revolutionary in its results.”
– Association of Humanistic Psychology Newsletter

“A visionary contribution to mindfulness in psychotherapy.”
– Daniel Siegel, author of “The Mindful Brain” and “The Developing Mind”

“Hakomi is an excellent system for developing key emotional intelligence skills.”
– Daniel Goleman, author of “Emotional Intelligence”